Tatiana Vilela dos Santos

Hello. I'm a playful experience designer and digital artist based in Paris

I design...

...playful experiences: digital and electronic games or interactive installations based on strange or innovative interfaces. I mainly create and build tangible constructions with handmade controllers (sensors) and renderers (display) but also work with new technologies or hack and find new uses for the old ones. Most of these works are exhibited or used for live performances, some are distributed online.


I am...

...a parisian game designer and digital artist working mostly in art residency on collaborative works. I love mixing creative disciplines. I have a digital art project called MechBird. I sometimes design and develop games and installations as a freelancer for cultural events and companies. I also like to share my practice through teaching, talks or workshops to formalize and update my own reflection. Here is my curriculum vitae.


Let's see...

...a selection of my works, three light based playful installations I designed and built in art residency during the past three years. Complete list of my digital art projects is available on: MechBird.

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