Tatiana Vilela dos Santos

Hello. I'm a game designer and artist based in Paris, France

I design...

...playful experiences: digital and analog games or interactive installations based on original interfaces. I mainly create and build handmade physical devices and work with new technologies. I craft these works from hardware to software, including: plastic and wood work, sewing, painting, technical drawing, machining, electronics, programming, graphic and sound design... These experiences are playable in exhibits or during live performances.


I am...

...a Parisian game designer and interactive artist working mostly in artistic residency on collaborative works. I love to mix creative disciplines from art to engineering. I have an interactive multimedia project called MechBird. I design and develop games and installations as a freelancer for cultural events, companies and other artists. I like to share my knowledge and research through classes, lectures and workshops. I write articles about my design methods on Gamasutra. Here is a link to my resumé.


Have a look...

...at a selection of my works: three light-based playful installations I designed and built in artistic residency in the past years. A complete list of my interactive art projects is available on MechBird.